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Upper Marlboro Photo Contest

Do you have an old photograph or photographs taken in Upper Marlboro before 1945? If you do, Darnall's Chance House Museum wants to see them!

Photographs can be of anything or anyone from Upper Marlboro's past--a building, special event, tobacco warehouse, fishing boat, farm, or family picture -- you name it.

All photos gathered for this contest will be given to the Town of Upper Marlboro Historical Committee for inclusion in their archives.

All entries will be on public display at the Museum on Fridays and Sundays from June 1-30 during tour hours. 

Contest Rules
  • Photographs must have been taken in the Upper Marlboro vicinity
  • before the end of World War II (i.e. before 1945).
  • Photograph has never been published in a book, newspaper or been housed in a public archive/library.
  • You must enter the submission in one of five (5) categories: Agriculture, Art & Architecture, People, Special Event or Transportation.
  • Five (5) winning photographs (one from each category) will be selected and the winners will receive a prize of $75. 
  • Submission deadline is May 15, 2015
  • Provide as much information about the photo as possible (i.e. date, location, names, etc.)
  • Only scanned copies will be accepted. If you don't have a scanner, bring your photos to Darnall's Chance and we'll scan them for you at no cost.  
  • Prizes will be awarded on June 13, 2015 at the Colonial Picnic at Darnall's Chance House Museum.
Contact Darnall's Chance House Museum at 301-952-8010 or