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Educational and Scout Programs

2017 Home School Days
Tuesday, February 21, 1-3 pm
Barriers & Gateways: The Immigrant Experience in Maryland

Students will do activities related to our current exhibit, Barriers & Gateways: The Immigrant Experience in Maryland. They will learn about three large waves of immigrants in Maryland history and explore some of the difficult choices faced by those moving to a new land. They will also get tips on how to explore their own genealogy. 

Ages 7 and up.
Reservations and advance payment required. Space is limited!
Fee: $7/residents; $8/non-residents. 

Tuesday, November 14, 1-3 pm
Social Media, 18th Century Style

Silence those cell phones and take out those ear buds! We’re going to practice a vanishing art: socializing!  Early Marylanders knew just how to do it: dances, teas, and parlor games were some of the ways they got acquainted. Come a little hungry and wear your dancing shoes. 

Ages 7 and up. 
Reservations and advance payment required.  Space is limited!
Fee: $7/residents; $8/non-residents.

2017 Scout Days

Saturday, March 25, 9:30 am-Noon
Herbal Sense

Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts are invited to do a variety of activities with herbs, to learn about their different uses.  They can also visit our current exhibit, Rub the Oils and Strew the Powders: The Legacy of European Herbs in Early American Medicine and Cuisine

Saturday, November 11, 9:30 am-Noon
Scout Time at the Beyond Needleart Exhibit

Cub Scouts and Girls Scouts will do fiber art activities. They can also visit our current exhibit, Beyond Needleart, and visit our Artists' Boutique. 

In-School Programs, School Field Trips, Home School Tours
We offer Maryland history-based educational programs on a variety of topics, from meteorology to architecture to social history, for different ages and skill levels. Our programs support the Common Core curriculum with hands-on learning and include STEM components, primary source research and reading comprehension exercises. 

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED for all programs listed below.

Please contact:
Holly Burnham

Edna Graham

Hands-on Architecture and Historic preservation Tour: for grades k-8

Students will tour the mansion to discover design elements of 18th-century architecture like symmetry, geometry, structural climate control (before modern technology), and more. They will also learn about historic preservation by doing experiments and seeing some of the techniques used to preserve Montpelier for generations to come. Activities will be appropriate for grade level.

This program can be 1 or 2 hours long and must be done at Montpelier.


For Students: 
1-Hour Program: $3.50 per student
2 Hour Program: $7 per student

For Adults:
Teachers: Free
Chaperones: $3 (for 1-hour or 2-hour programs)

Hands-On History Tour: for grades pre-K–12

On these tours, students engage in several hands-on activities to learn about life in 17th and 18th century Maryland. Activities will be appropriate for grade level.

This program can be 1 or 2 hours long and can be done at either Montpelier or your school. 


For Students:
1-Hour Program: $3.50 per student
2 Hour Program: $7 per student

For Adults:
Teachers: Free
Chaperones: $3 (for 1-hour or 2-hour programs)

listening to the Past: for grades 3-5

Students will hear stories of children living in 18th and 19th century America, examine primary documents, do hands-on activities as they were done in the past, and write about their experiences. Activities will be appropriate for grade level.

This program can be 1 or 2 hours long and can be done at either Montpelier or your school.  


For Students:
1-Hour Program: $3.50 per student
2 Hour Program: $7 per student

For Adults:
Teachers: Free
Chaperones: $3 (for 1-hour or 2-hour programs)

metal heads: the iron industry in laurel, before and after emancipation: For grades 4-7
Learn about the iron industry that employed generations of African-Americans in Laurel, both during slavery and after Emancipation. Students will do science experiments to learn about the properties of iron, examine primary documents to learn about the work and workers, and learn about the communities that formed around the industry. 

Fee: Prince George's and Montgomery County Residents: $6; All others: $7

For Adults:
Teachers: Free
Chaperones: $3

weathering racism: The benjamin banneker almanacs: for grades 4-7

Students will learn about abolitionist and scientist Benjamin Banneker, 18th-century meteorology, and atmospheric phenomena by examining primary sources, creating their own weather instruments, and recording data.

Fee: Prince George's and Montgomery County Residents: $6; All others: $7

For Adults:
Teachers: Free
Chaperones: $3

Barriers & Gateways Tours: for grades 7 & 8

Barriers & Gateways was an exhibit at Montpelier in 2010 that examined the three major immigrant and forced migrant groups in Maryland's history: indentured servants from the British Isles in the 17th and 18th centuries, Africans forced into slavery in the 18th and 19th centuries, and Europeans seeking economic security in the 19th century. Through exploring primary documents, role playing and math and science activities, students discover the hardships of immigration, the barriers each group faced in their new homes, the gateways to success they created, and their lasting legacies.  

2-Hour Program.


For Students: 
$7 per student 

For Adults:
Teachers: Free
Chaperones: $3

Scout Programs

Girl Scouts

  • Available to all levels - Juniors can practice social skills for Social Butterfly badge!
  • Includes tour, tea etiquette lessons, tea and light refreshments.
  • Minimum group size 10, maximum group size 35 (including adults)
  • One adult per 5 children required
  • Call 301-377-7817 for fees

Brownies Badge Programs

Family Stories
Kick start this badge by exploring stories about families in the past, learning what it’s like to be an immigrant and learning about tools to start your own genealogical research.
Learn how to prepare for a successful hike, blaze a trail on Montpelier’s extensive grounds, play exploring games, identify flora and fauna, learn who walked and worked here in centuries past and practice leaving 'no trace.'
Making Games
Go on a treasure hunt through the past! Or play a mystery game with a historical twist! Learn how kids had fun long ago and invent a new game using old toys!
Experience how people lived before modern conveniences. Find new uses for old things. Create an invention or activity for future Girl Scout programs at Montpelier!
See how family portraits have changed over time. Sit and paint outside on our beautiful grounds. Use old methods to create something totally modern!
By learning the dances, education, and other customs from Maryland’s past, girls will discover what was considered appropriate in 18th-century society, and how much things have changed.

Juniors Badge Programs

Playing the Past
Step into the life of a girl from the past. You might have been gentry, or enslaved, or maybe helped out with the family business. How did you dress, what did you learn, and how did you have fun?

Compare music from the past with music today. Discover what was acceptable for 18th-century girls, and decide if today’s dances would have been allowed! Make an unusual instrument, originally invented by Benjamin Franklin. Play instruments of the gentry and the servant classes.

Etiquette Tea
Enjoy tea in Montpelier’s elegant East Wing, and practice skills to earn your Social Butterfly badge. You’ll even make an old-fashioned greeting or thank you card, to show off your social graces! The fee is different for the Etiquette Tea. (Read details above.)
Explore the various habitats on the Montpelier’s grounds, including the flower and herb garden, the wooded path, the fields and the meadows, to discover how different  the fauna can be in each one. Do art activities, and learn how people of the past used herbs and flowers for medicine and cooking.

Cadette Badge Programs

Finding Common Ground
Do you ever feel like people don't listen to you? In this program, you will learn ways to be heard, and also to listen. We all have something to say! Let's practice "win/win" communication!

Let the trees be your muse! Do art projects, learn how to identify different kinds of trees, make a tree i.d. book, explore the importance of trees in our world.

Book Artist
See how different books are made, make your own artistic book, and find out about the different ways books have been printed throughout history.

Senior Badge Programs

Textile Artist
Compare historical fabrics, learn what different classes wore and how it was made, experiment with natural dyes, and do a textile project. If you do this program in November, you'll receive free admission to the annual Needleart Exhibit, featuring many examples of hand-stitched masterpieces in all forms of needle art.
See examples of 18th and 19th century decoupage in Montpelier’s collection. Create a collage using traditional and modern art forms. Search our extensive grounds for natural materials, or use 18th century “everyday items” to make a 3-D collage.

Boy Scouts

Tiger Cubs

Old Fashioned Family Fun - Spend time with your family - 18th century style. Scouts will tour Montpelier Mansion, while discovering the clothes and pastimes of children in colonial times. Families will make a scrapbook to take home.

Outdoor Fun, 18th Century Style - Take a walk and play outdoors games on the grounds of Montpelier Mansion. Then, come inside where scouts will tour this 18th century home while experiencing the fashion and fun of the times. Before heading home, scouts will make and fly a paper bag kite.

History Investigators - Experience history by investigating this 18th century Georgian mansion, including the clothes, and the fun and games of the colonial times. Scouts will discover ways to uncover their own family’s past and make a journal to record their own history - with ink and quill, of course!


Scout $7/person; Tag-along $3/person

Chaperones: One free admission for every five scouts; Additional chaperones $3/person

Wheelchair Accessibility
Montpelier Mansion does have some, but not total, accessibility for wheelchairs. For details, please call 301-377-7817. 

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