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Educational Programs

Riversdale is an important local, state, and national landmark and is the perfect place for students and Girl Scouts to make history come alive!

Education Programs

Education programs align with a variety of Common Core, State, and NCSS standards. Specialty tours can also be crafted for individual classes. For questions or to book a program, contact or 301-864-0420.

Lesson plans and source packets for educators available for download here.

Pinch, No Smiles: Early Nineteenth Century Play at Riversdale

Program Length: 90 minutes
Grade: Grades 1-4
Cost: $2 per student (teachers & 1 chaperone per 10 students free; $1 each per additional chaperone)

This program introduces students to the Riversdale House Museum by using the perspective of a child.  Students will move from room to room and discover the ways in which the Calvert children would have learned and played. Workshop components include making a toy, learning a dance, and playing a 19th-century game.

Out of the Shadows: Riversdale's Servants in the Spotlight

Program Length: 90 minutes 
Level: Grades 3-6
Cost: $2 per student (teachers & 1 chaperone per 10 students free; $1 each per additional chaperone)

This program highlights the economic workings of an early 19th century Maryland farm using the perspective of the estate's slaves and servants. Students on this tour will assume the role of a worker at Riversdale and move from room to room to discover the ways in which servants and slaved worked in and utilized the spaces. Workshop components include making an herb sachet and carding wool.

What's cooking?: 19th-century foodways

Program Length: 2 hours 
Level: Grades 1-5
Cost: $5 per student (teachers & 1 chaperone per 10 students free; $1 each per additional chaperone)

Without the tools, appliances, and resources we have today, procuring and preparing food in the early 1800s was much more time-consuming and difficult. This program is designed to use food and dining as a lens for students to explore the effects of technology and the concept of change over time. Students will employ critical analysis and mathematics skills to gain an understanding of the people and tasks involved in acquiring, cooking, and serving food on an early nineteenth-century plantation. Using the reconstructed open hearth and period-appropriate cooking tools, participants will make (and taste) 19th-century cupcakes and butter. Students will learn about archaeological techniques and analytical skills to identify plant seeds and take a 19th-century foodways tour of Riversdale House Museum.

Sensing the Past
Program Length: 45-60 minutes
Level: 2nd-grade abilities & up
Cost: $2 per participant (teachers & chaperones free)

This program is designed for groups with special needs and engages the senses to help bring history alive. The program is designed with flexibility in mind to cater to the specific needs of each group. Individuals that can negotiate stairs take a 20-minute tour of the house, with a focus on visual inquiry and hands-on object-based learning. For individuals not able to tour, a museum teacher presents an interactive PowerPoint presentation of the house, complete with visual and audio enhancements. All participants take part in a workshop and make an herb sachet to take home.

Girl Scout Programs

Scouts  $10 each
Troop Leaders & 1 
chaperone per 10 Scouts
Additional chaperones $2 each
Tagalongs participating
with Scouts
$10 each
Tagalongs partially participating $2 each
Tagalongs 3 & under FREE

Badges & Patches: Badges must be purchased from GS Council; Riversdale offers custom patches for $2 each.

Specialty tours can also be crafted for your troop. For questions or to book a program, contact or 301-864-0420.

For details about the programs offered, download the Girl Scout brochure.

Daisy Programs

Clover Petal: Use Resources Wisely 

Brownie Programs
Celebrating Community
Journey Brownie Quest: Dancer

Junior Programs
Playing the Past

Cadette Programs
New Cuisines

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