Education & Outreach Programs

These free education and outreach programs listed below are available to all Prince George's County Schools and community centers by request. Call the Park Ranger Office at 301-627-7755 for information regarding programs.

Nature 101

A one-hour presentation on wildlife, plants, and other nature-related information for grades first to eighth.

Ranger "Jeopardy"

Join the Park Rangers in their version of the game show "Jeopardy." Safety is the subject and categories include bike safety, mammals, bites and stings, recycling, animal babies, and more! This program is for grades second through sixth. 

Career Day

Park Rangers discuss job duties and answer questions on Park Ranger-related career paths for grades second to twelfth.

Youth Garden Initiative

This program teaches young people about gardening and growing food. They also learn about teamwork, health and nutrition, the food system, the environment, and community building through gardening. This program is implemented at select Community Centers throughout the county.