Investigative Operations

The Investigative Operations is composed of two units: Investigative Services and Crime Analysis.

Investigative Services

The Investigative Services Unit, subject to call out on a 24-hour basis, conducts continuous follow-up investigations of crimes committed in the jurisdiction of The Maryland-National Capital Park Police. Detectives assigned to Investigative Services respond to scenes of crimes for evidence identification, collection, preservation and processing, when necessary. Detectives interview witnesses, interrogate suspects, utilize digital imaging and also network with other agencies to solve crimes.
Investigative Operations

Crime Analysis

The Investigative Crime Analysis Unit conducts detailed crime analysis to identify crime patterns and trends. This helps deploy Park Police resources effectively and strategically in an effort to preventing crimes assist with identifying and apprehending suspects. The Investigative Crime Analysis Unit also coordinates the Victim/Witness Assistance Program which helps provide victims/witnesses of crimes with the professional guidance, assistance and support they may need while proceeding through the judicial process. Information is also provided to victims/witnesses regarding referral and resource services that may help meet their needs.