About Abraham Hall

Abraham Hall, constructed in 1889, is the best example of an African-American benevolent society lodge in Prince George's County.

Located in the community of Rossville, it is the first African American historic site in the county to be fully restored using public funds.

Renovated and re-dedicated in October 2008, it houses M-NCPPC's Black History Program.

Abraham Hall Exterior

Black History Program

The mission of the Black History Program is to encourage public engagement with Prince George’s County's African-American history and its historical and cultural resources. In doing so, it provides educational, interpretive programs and exhibitions for the general public and the school-aged community.

The program assists historical societies, the general public and local communities in documenting and celebrating their African-American heritage.

The Black History Program recognizes the need to document and preserve the heritage of African-Americans in Maryland and Prince George’s County. We are in the process of digitizing all of our archived collections, with future plans to have them in an online resource available for the community.  

The Black History Program will serve as a nucleus of historical data for citizens as well as area organizations that depend on an archive of accurate, and interpretive information about African-American history in Maryland and Prince George’s County.

If you'd like more information or to volunteer, please let us know!