Surratt House Museum

Do you like a good murder mystery? 

We have a great one for you at the Surratt House Museum in Clinton, Maryland. It’s a “history mystery,” where the intrigue of the Civil War led to the assassination of President Lincoln and the sad fate of the first woman executed by the U.S. government – Mary E. Surratt

Surratt House Museum wide shot outside

Explore the Mysteries and Histories at Surratt House Museum

Who was Mary Surratt?

Was she involved in a conspiracy? Did she deserve to die?

Spies of Southern Maryland

Learn about the Confederate espionage system in Southern Maryland. 

Conspiracies at a Boarding House?

How was this Prince George's County boarding house involved in an assassination plot?

Did you sleep through History class in school? We guarantee our tours will keep your eyes wide open!

Join us and tour the halls of history and mystery with our guides dressed in period clothing at the Surratt family’s former home.

What You'll Learn and Experience:

  • Learn how African Americans survived enslavement in Prince George's County.
  • Learn about middle-class life in Civil War Maryland.
  • Enjoy special exhibits and events.
  • Browse through a charming gift shop and bookstore.
  • Take advantage of an on-site research center to further your knowledge.
  • Register for a bus tour which charts the escape route of John Wilkes Booth.

Want to be a member of the Surratt Society and support the museum? Visit the Surratt Society website.